From the Office of the President

To the Dartmouth community,

We are writing today to let you know that tomorrow, Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 
all undergraduate and graduate classes in the Arts & Sciences will not be held. 
They will, however, be replaced by alternative programming designed to bring 
students, faculty, and staff together to discuss Dartmouth’s commitment to 
fostering debate that promotes respect for individuals, civil and engaged 
discourse, and the value of diverse opinions.

This unusual action is being taken by the President and the Dean of the Faculty 
of Arts & Sciences and is strongly supported by the Dean of the College, other 
divisions, and many students and staff. This has been prompted by a series of 
threatening and abusive online posts used to target particular students in the 
wake of the protest that disrupted the Dimensions Welcome Show on Friday 
evening. We feel it is necessary for the community as a whole to have the 
opportunity to learn about all that has transpired and to discuss further 
action that will help us live up to our mission.

Tomorrow’s programming will include:

-9:30–11 a.m.: Faculty of Arts & Sciences (tenured and tenure-track) 
participation in a meeting of the Faculty Coordinating Committee, in the Black 
Family Visual Arts Center’s Loew Auditorium
-10–11 a.m.: Jessica Pettitt, a social justice and diversity consultant and 
facilitator, will speak in Dartmouth Hall 105
-11:30 a.m.–12 p.m.: Community gathering on the lawn in front of Dartmouth 
-12:15–1:15 p.m.: Complimentary lunch for the Dartmouth community at Class of 
1953 Commons
-1:30–3 p.m.: “Teach-in” small discussions facilitated by faculty and 
staff in rooms across campus, locations to be announced

Additional details regarding locations will be published by 9 a.m. tomorrow on 
the Dean of the College website:

The decision to replace classes for a day with alternative programming is not 
taken lightly. The faculty will decide how best to make up tomorrow’s class 

Together, we will make this day an important step toward realizing a better 

We hope to see you tomorrow,

Carol Folt, Interim President
Michael Mastanduno, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Charlotte Johnson, Dean of the College
Joseph Helble, Dean of Thayer School of Engineering
Lindsay Whaley, Interim Vice Provost
Maria Laskaris, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Harry Sheehy, Director of Athletics
Harry Kinne, Director of Safety & Security

To the 17s

Dear Prospective Dartmouth student,

My name is Karolina and I am one of the protesters who disrupted the Dimensions Show on Friday, April 19th.  Some have blamed us for trying to harm Dartmouth, but I am proud of having stood in front of you precisely because I am trying to make Dartmouth a better place for you and me.

The protest on Friday was a culmination of events that have been heating up the campus for the past year and more. Dartmouth, like many similar institutions, has many faces. During Dimensions, we put on a happy mask and pretend that we are a loving community where everyone feels welcome at all times. For many of you, Dartmouth will, indeed, offer a supportive community, but most of you will also have to fight to belong, and question your ideas and beliefs. We wanted you to know about the challenges ahead, and have a chance to get ready before you arrive on campus in August. If you do decide to arrive, we will be hoping to watch you grow with us in the process of bringing about change.

Attempting to engage in a real conversation about the multi-faceted nature of the Dartmouth experience, a group of current Dartmouth students reached out to the prospective students on Wednesday and Thursday prior to Dimensions. Our efforts in reaching out to you were boycotted during the Dimensions weekend, however. We were well aware that attempts to speak truth on campus are controversial and often socially punished, but we did not expect to be systematically silenced.

We were forced to seek alternative means of speaking truth about issues of structural oppression and anonymous bullying at Dartmouth. The problems that are certainly not unique to Dartmouth have so far not been addressed adequately by the Dartmouth administration, and continue to be ignored and overlooked by the student body. Incidents of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and ableism have been marked by inaction. Similarly, none of these issues were given space during the official programming of the Dimensions weekend.

Because we believe that you should not be fooled into imagining Dartmouth as an ideal community without issues to be solved, and because all our peaceful efforts to speak up were boycotted, we resorted to radical means of sharing the truth.  In the aftermath of the dramatic events in Boston, however, the community’s tolerance for chaos might have been challenged, and we understand that this might have been traumatic for you as well. I personally apologize for any harm or distress our action has caused you. Despite all that, we hope that our action inspires you to join us in the fight for a better Dartmouth.

Should you find yourself in need of assistance or advice, there are many resources available to you at Dartmouth and beyond. Please find a list of resources available to you attached to this message, and don’t hesitate to use them. I will also welcome any of your questions and/or comments to my personal email address. Please feel free to contact me at


Karolina Krelinova ‘14

Other Students involved in the campaign in support of this letter:


Stella Safari ’13

Allison Puglisi’ 15

Karenina Rojas ’13

Dani Valdes ’13,

Christine Miguel ’14

Viviana Ramos ’13

Maurice Johnson ’13

Yomalis Rosario ’15,

Nastassja Schmeidt ’15

Anna Roth ’13

Therese Kienemund ’15

Olumayowa Willoughby ‘14

Simone Wien ‘16


List of resources available to you:

1. Office of Pluralism and Leadership’s Central Office

This office is the bedrock of Dartmouth. It houses the advisors to various communities that reach out to students and make sure that they are thriving at Dartmouth. Please, reach out to someone if you need.


2. Counseling and Human Development

This center provides counseling and support to any member of the community.  There are trained experts who can help you grapple with any problems you may have and help you develop strategies to cope.

Call (603) 646-9442

3. Undergraduate Deans Office

This office will support your general well-being and advise you on any academic issues you might be tackling. Specialized deans are trained to help people in many different situations, and most of them are likely to simply enjoy chatting with you.

Call (603) 646-2243

4. Report Incidents of Aggression: 

This tool is absolutely necessary in combating hate on this campus. The data that is collected through this reporting tool will be used to gauge whether this college’s campus climate is conducive to learning for all students.


As a member of the Dartmouth Community…

Facebook Response Campaign
Hi ____,
I need your help. As you know, the protestors[, myself included,] from the Dimensions show on Friday have been the targets of incredibly violent threats on Bored at Baker, the comments section of the D, social media and even personal encounters. Regardless of the demonstration and our message, we should all be able to agree that these threats and acts of intimidation are unacceptable. Because so much of this backlash has been spread through social media, especially Facebook, that will be our first line of response.
I ask that you post the following message, with your own individual ending, as your status on SUNDAY at NOON. This campaign will begin through individual leaders; that is why I am contacting you now. Please feel free to share this with organizations and others. We hope it will then catch on at large.
Status: “As a member of the Dartmouth community, I am outraged with the violent harassment of my peers. The student protestors of the Dimensions show of Friday have been targeted with unspeakable threats to their personal safety, despite not having violated any College policy. Harassment has no place at Dartmouth. Please help me stop it by sharing this message on your wall.
I stand against violence. I stand with…”
For example, I’ll write that I stand with survivors, Dean Johnson, OPAL and truth-tellers.
Please let me know if I can count on you to take part.
Thank you for your support. I appreciate it now so deeply.
With love,
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