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A message from the Dean and responses

To the Dartmouth community:

As you may be aware, on Friday evening a small group of students chose a
Dimensions event to protest and express their views regarding some aspects of
campus life.

While the choice of venue may be debated, we are concerned because students who
participated in the protest–as well as many students not involved in any
way–are reporting that they are being harassed by other members of our
community. Threats and intimidation–even if made anonymously or
online–violate our standards and expectations for the Dartmouth community.
This kind of behavior is never justified.

The safety of students is Dartmouth’s top priority. If you do not feel safe,
please contact Safety & Security, 24 hours a day, at (603) 646-4000. Safety &
Security staff will be able to provide assistance and connect you with
additional sources of support.

My staff and I sincerely thank the students who brought their concerns to our
attention. We also want to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude
to the many students, faculty, and staff who participated in Dimensions,
welcoming future members of the Class of 2017 to the Dartmouth community.


Charlotte Johnson
Dean of the College


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