As a member of the Dartmouth Community…

Facebook Response Campaign
Hi ____,
I need your help. As you know, the protestors[, myself included,] from the Dimensions show on Friday have been the targets of incredibly violent threats on Bored at Baker, the comments section of the D, social media and even personal encounters. Regardless of the demonstration and our message, we should all be able to agree that these threats and acts of intimidation are unacceptable. Because so much of this backlash has been spread through social media, especially Facebook, that will be our first line of response.
I ask that you post the following message, with your own individual ending, as your status on SUNDAY at NOON. This campaign will begin through individual leaders; that is why I am contacting you now. Please feel free to share this with organizations and others. We hope it will then catch on at large.
Status: “As a member of the Dartmouth community, I am outraged with the violent harassment of my peers. The student protestors of the Dimensions show of Friday have been targeted with unspeakable threats to their personal safety, despite not having violated any College policy. Harassment has no place at Dartmouth. Please help me stop it by sharing this message on your wall.
I stand against violence. I stand with…”
For example, I’ll write that I stand with survivors, Dean Johnson, OPAL and truth-tellers.
Please let me know if I can count on you to take part.
Thank you for your support. I appreciate it now so deeply.
With love,
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