Thanks to for these suggested resources!

These are some of the resources at your disposal. You make up the college. Make it work for you.

Report Incidents of Aggression: This tool is absolutely necessary in combating hate on this campus. The data that is collected through this reporting tool will be used to gauge whether this college’s campus climate is conducive to learning for all students.

Office of Pluralism and Leadership. This office is the bedrock of Dartmouth. It houses the advisors to various communities that reach out to students and make sure that they are thriving at Dartmouth. Please, reach out to someone if you need

Counseling and Human Development.  This center provides counseling and support to any member of the community.  There are trained experts who can help you grapple with any problems you may have and help you develop strategies to cope.  Here is information about counseling you can consult

Dartmouth Clery Act (Dartmouth’s Annual Security Report): What does and does not get reported? What qualifies a ‘sexual assault’ ? Who  collects this information? Does the data compiled reflect the campus climate?

What other schools are doing? Dartmouth is not unique in it’s situation as an institution of higher learning at a cultural crossroads, however, it can andshould do better. If peer institutions such as Williams College and UC San Diego have made institutional and campus-wide changes to curriculum, admissions policies, funding for programs that support student growth—then Dartmouth can do the same. Do not settle for less.

Williams College

UC San Diego



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